The Frank Lloyd Wright Estate is so spectacular that it makes additional decoration redundant. That is why it was essential to hire no less than Henry Matsutani, the chief designer of Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, to be the landscape architect of the Estate. Working in a setting of unparalleled natural beauty, Henry Masutani spent 35 years on the property complementing the grounds to Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpiece.

Meandering paths connect the nature areas with the buildings. With groves of trees and meadows separating the facilities from one another, it’s almost as if each site is a park unto itself. Extensive manicured lawns create a protected screen around the center.

Since the grounds cover 4 acres and the average lot size in Orinda is 1/8 acre, the grounds cover the equivalent of 32 Orinda lots. Masutani designed the grounds around the artistically gnarled 500 year old Enchanted Forest—so called because it is reminiscent of a fairy tale. He also built the famous Japanese Teahouse for both tea ceremonies and to house the exquisite Yixing collection. Here couples can imbibe from the finest collection of teas outside of Asia.